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WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that has continued to grow.  If you visit any website today it’s most probable that it uses WordPress, it is the most popular CMS that powers the web today. It uses pre-built themes and plugins that make design and development much easier, if you want to start your business website this is where I would start off.

A lot of people back off when creating or editing a website because of the fear of “not knowing where to start”. Just take a quick look at the WordPress administration area and you will start to understand why many businesses use this tool. Anyone can understand how to use it from a highschool student to a manager, you will be able to update the content with ease saving you money on technical costs. WordPress has the tools to create an online store, event bookings, blogs and so much more!  It is far better than those ‘do it yourself’ online solutions which have a monthly cost associated to it.

What businesses would use a WordPress website?
– Small to medium businesses
– Start-ups
– Company looking to make a start online

Here at One Punch Digital we utilise the WordPress platform to create stunning websites that our clients can use to update themselves easily.

If this sounds like what you need contact One Punch Digital today!