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One Punch DigitalWebsite Development Signs you need a new website

Signs you need a new website

Do you recognize the signs you need a new website?

Every company knows what a website is, although they don’t know how to recognize the signs that they need a new website.  As time and technology progresses, so does customer expectation, just imagine you have a messy house and an old office environment. When your customer visits your work-space they have certain expectations, the same applies to your website, it could be a potential detriment to your business.

When customers visit webpages they usually ask themselves “will my details be safe if I buy from them or could it be fraudulent?”. However, they might visit another competitor which has a clean, modern, sleek, trustworthy and credible design. This will provide the customer a more friendly experience when visiting their website and lead to further engagement. Taking the time and developing your website is critical to your business as it reflects your professionalism and trustworthiness.


Main signs you need a new website:

1) Your website is not mobile responsive
2) Users are confused or unsure what to do when they go on your website
3) You have an old website design
4) Your current website uses flash or has poor search engine visibility
5) Business has not grown or changed


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