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About us

We build websites that are easy to use, intuitive and visually appealing

One Punch Digital delivers web development services here in Melbourne.

We realise the importance of web development and design to your business.

Although we are a fairly new business we have been in the industry for years.

Our business provides the best solutions for common business needs,

and we keep delivering until our clients are satisfied.

The Founders.


Bradley Morgan


Originally from New Zealand, I moved to the most livable city in the world to follow my dream of becoming a web developer. Simply, my job is to make you happy by solving business problems & keeping everyone smiling.


Christopher Chin


I was born in Singapore, grown up in Melbourne Australia. I’m known as the Technology Enthusiast, and Sushi lover. I have tonnes of developer and design experience, you could say JavaScript is candy to my eyes.

Get in touch.

Directly engaging with clients, bringing more value and building an online presence for you is what we value the most.

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